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Performance Statistics
Performance data based on 7barg (102psig) air inlet pressure, 20-25 degrees celcius (68-77 degrees fahrenheit ambient temperature. Please contact us for performance under other specific conditions.

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Greater flows and pressures are available by multibank systems and increased inlet air pressures.

Weights and dimensions vary for each system supplied.

Technical Specifications:

Ambient temperature range: 5-50 degrees celcius 120 degrees celcius

Nitrogen outlet pressure: up to 16.5 barg

Inlet air quality:

Dewpoint: -40degrees celcius

Particulate: <0.1 micron

Oil: <0.01 mg/m3

Electrical supply: 220V/1ph/50Hz or 110V/1ph/60Hz

Inlet / Outlet connections: Air G 1 / Nitrogen G1/2

Standard equipment includes:

  • Oxygen analyser for continuous monitoring of nitrogen purity
  • Analogue outputs of remote monitoring
  • Alarm connections

Optional extras:

  • T Mass flow meters
  • External tank analysers
  • Containerised systems

Please contact us for further information

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