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Arch Chemicals

Arch Chemicals, Inc. is a global speciality chemicals company with processing sites in more than 20 countries.

The Arch site in Dublin manufactures copper and zinc Omadine® biocides in bulk quantities.

These biocides are used in market leading marine antifouling paints and as an anti-dandruff ingredient in popular shampoo brands.

Arch relies on nitrogen to blanket Xylene, a flammable substance that is a key component during the manufacturing process.

Nitrogen’s inert properties provide an effective blanket that prevents oxygen from coming into contact with flammable substances and therefore does not support combustion.

The company previously used bulk liquid nitrogen but considered alternatives when a process that relied on liquid nitrogen was re-located to a different site and made nitrogen gas a viable alternative.

Nitrogen is production-critical for Arch; any nitrogen failures could cause the loss of valuable production output which would reduce profitability and availability of product for customers.

Because nitrogen is critical, Arch could not dispense with the services of their original gas supplier immediately. Instead, with the help of Dalco Nitrogen systems, official MAXIGAS distributor, they installed a trial unit. Arch soon realised they could achieve substantial cost savings and still maintain nitrogen quality.

As do most chemical companies, Arch has strict health and safety procedures that require every new piece of equipment to be scrutinised by a hazard analysis check. The check indicated that nitrogen could pose a risk in the form of oxygen deficiency so extra precautions were needed.

Dalco was able to fully meet these demands by installing oxygen analysers that would immediately detect any nitrogen leaks and trigger an audible and visual alarm.

Following the hugely successful trial, Arch installed a N2MAX112 with a nitrogen purity of 99% in April 2005.

Kevin Whelan, Plant Manager at Arch says,

“Despite incurring exit costs for leaving the 12 month contract with our original supplier early, we are making savings of around 45%.”

In addition to the incredible cost savings Arch has also benefited following the removal of their bulk liquid nitrogen tank.

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