Dalco Engineering Systems is the only specialized supplier of on-site Nitrogen Gas Generation Systems in Ireland. We pride ourselves on long-term dedicated and professional relationships with our customers. We always endeavor to meet and exceed our customers specific requirements. This is achieved and maintained through a commitment to customer satisfaction through the highest standards of professional service across all areas of the business. Dalco’s main objective is to provide a high-quality product and service to all our customers. The only satisfaction rate we accept is 100%.

We have placed significant importance in continual improvement and commitment to providing a quality product and service. Employee training, and maintenance of that training, is recognized as critical part of operating to our full potential.

Our management team are committed to ensuring that the quality management system complies with, and is driven by, the requirements of the International Standard; ISO 9001: 2015.

The above policy is communicated, understood and adopted by all employees.

Date: 23rd March 2021

John Daly

Managing Director

Quality Policy

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