Nitrogen gas is used extensively for tyre inflation and inert gas suppression within both civilian and military aircraft.

Nitrogen is mostly inert and will not support combustion.

Because nitrogen is also a relatively “slow” gas, it doesn’t permeate as readily through materials such as rubber tyre walls. This means thar tyres inflated with nitrogen maintain their correct pressure for longer, throughout the extreme ranges of ambient temperature and pressure experienced on take-off, landing and cruising altitude.

Other related applications include aircraft oleo strut maintenance (nitrogen prevents oil ‘dieseling’ under heavy compression) and aircraft escape slide inflation systems.

Nitrogen is also widely used as an inerting gas for fuel tank vapours and other flammable or explosive compounds.

  • Aircraft Tyre Inflation
  • Oleo Strut Shock Absorbers
  • Escape Slide Inflation Systems
  • Fuel Tank Inerting Systems

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