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Dublin City University

Dublin City University (DCU) has over 30 science laboratories spread over two schools and three research centres, all of which use nitrogen for a range of different applications including the blanketing of fume cupboards and GC analyses.

The University needed a more convenient and economic gas supply method that did not rely on individuals having to continually order and install new gas mini tanks. The University turned to Dalco Nitrogen Systems for advice, a specialist in nitrogen supply and official domnick hunter distributor.

Laboratory gas generators were not suitable due to the large volume of nitrogen gas required, so MAXIGAS was a far more economic and flexible solution.

With the support of Dalco, the University installed three N2MAX110 units in the first ever centralised laboratory gas solution in Ireland.

The completely bespoke system was designed with two gas supply lines; one with a purity of 99.9% and one ultra high purity line at 99.999% for use with high calibre analytical instruments.

The University has made savings of around €30,000 per year since switching from liquid nitrogen mini tanks.

Additional advantages of the on-demand nitrogen solution mean that university researchers and students never run out of gas so there is no disruption to important analyses and safety has been improved.

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