Rental System

We have a rental Nitrogen Gas Generation System available for companies who are interested in making an instant saving on Nitrogen Gas cost but want to avoid the initial purchase cost.

  • Our systems come plug & play
  • All systems are piped up & pre-wired
  • Engineers provide basic training and commissioning on delivery

To find out more about renting a complete Nitrogen Generation System, contact us now.

Containerised System

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Containerised System, ready

Dalco design and build our nitrogen generator container systems to fit a steel ISO container, the entire nitrogen generator system is mounted in a 20ft or 40ft high cube container pre-assembled, piped up, pre-wired so when the nitrogen system reaches the site, all that’s required is to connect the container to the electrical supply to begin generating nitrogen on site.

Demo Laser Container
Inside Demo Laser

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Skid Mounted System

Skid system without Compressor

Dalco Skid mounted Nitrogen Gas Generation systems are assembled on a
steel platform, pre-piped, pre-wired and ready for quick & easy installation in your building.

Skid System Pic - No Compressor

Skid system with Compressor

The Dalco skid mounted Nitrogen Gas Generation systems can also incorprate a compressor where required.

Skid System with compressor

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NitroSource PSA Generators

NitroSource PSA Generators – How it works:

The technology used to produce a continuous flow of high purity N2 is pressure swing adsorption (PSA). This technology uses a combination of molecular sieves to selectively eliminate O2 and other contaminants in the ambient air.

The Carbon Molecular Sieve (also known as CMS) columns alternate between the purification and regeneration modes to ensure continuous N2 production. The gas generator is designed to take pre-filtered compressed air at 7 to 18 barg (102 or 261 psi g) (depending on model) from the existing air supply or via a dedicated air compressor.


Benefits of NitroSource PSA

This flow of filtered compressed air then passes through the CMS column which is in the purification mode. At this point, the O2, CO2, humidity and hydrocarbons are eliminated from the compressed air, producing a flow of clean and dry high purity nitrogen.

Nitrogen purity can range from 95% to 99.999% with flowrates from 1Nm3 to greater than 1000 Nm3. All our systems are modular and can be easily expanded in the future, depending on demand.

Rectangle 641
Rectangle 642
  • Easily achieve very high purity
  • Long Service Life – 10+ years
  • Expandable
  • Low Service Cost
  • Operation to 50c ambient
  • Stable flow, pressure and purity
  • Low Air/ N2 Ratio
  • Multi bank
  • Ideal high-Tech Applications
  • Food Grade Approval
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