Dairymaster is a world leader in dairy farm equipment that is renowned for its innovative products. Its unfaltering commitment to ongoing research and development, superior product quality and excellent customer service and support is why the company has reached this position.

Nitrogen gas is critical to our operation, its inert properties provide shielding and prevents oxidation of the materials being processed in our 2d and 3d laser profile cutting processes. An interruption or failure in supply would cause a loss in production output, with the Dalco nitrogen generation system we now have the ability to generate nitrogen gas on site and this has had a positive impact on our production processes and on the quality of material being processed. The system has also eliminated the manual handling of heavy gas cylinders and required no change over in MCP’s. The system is always on standby and runs automatically to store nitrogen for the next production run or it can run on demand if the need arises.

We installed the system in 2009 and have found it to be modular and flexible; it is easy to expand the system as demand for gas increases. The system is extremely reliable with zero down time, we do not worry about nitrogen gas supply and the pressure and flow to our machines has never been an issue.

The experience to date from Dalco has been professional and competent from sales to installation, service and after sales support.

John Fleming. (Dairymaster)


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